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Founder Totosci Limited,SavetheGirl Organization and Totosci Academy( Bsc Science(Karatina University) and Higher Diploma Computer Engineering(Zetech University)

Top 40 Under 40 Men 2018,Face of Kenyan Science 2018,Top 100 Kenyans 2019,Leaders in Innovation Fellow 2019 (UK),Transformational Business Awards 2019 (UK),Advancing Healthcare Africa Fellow 2018 (SA),Scientific Excellence Award 2019 (Africa Union-Ethiopia),American Society of Mechanical Engineers Fellow 2018 (USA),Young Entrepreneur Support Fellow 2019 (South Korea),Aspiring inter-varsity Innovator 2018,Health Met Tech winner 2018(Nigeria),Demo Africa Innovation Tour Nairobi Edition 2018,German-African Sustainability Health Innovation Winner 2019 (Germany),Kenya National Innovation Agency Winner 2018,Innovate Now Cohort 1 2019.

AlexCane( is an assistive technology that increases the mobility and independence of the visually impaired.The product detects both static and moving objects and provide real time location of the visually impaired to the caregiver hence reducing anxiety.This increases their confidence and productivity as well as reducing dependence and isolation in the society.

The product comes with Central Monitoring Point System (CMPs) that allows the caregiver to subscribe to the services that includes real time monitoring of the visually impaired on behalf of the caregiver using artificial intelligence features and trigger an alert if anything not normal is noted.The system is able to receive shocks from the product and immediately alerts the caregiver for attention.Among other features of the CMPs include navigation guidance and any urgent attention needed.The communication is facilitated by Internet of Things technology.

Anthony Muthungu
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